Coming soon: The Sims 4 Pets?

We all know that many of us have been waiting for pets to arrive in The Sims 4. Still no official information has been released about a pets or animals expansion pack.

However, it is very likely that a pets-related pack will arrive within just a few months. Zerbu of Sims fansite Sims Community found codes in Sims 4 files containing hints for a future pets or animal pack. As the code shows, dogs and cats will be included. Later on Zerbu also found codes containing references to horses. The codes make a distinction between small dogs and large dogs as well. A more recent content update for The Sims 4 also contained new references for pets. Isn’t this exciting news?!

However, nothing has been confirmed by Electronic Arts or Maxis yet! We need to wait for official information regarding a pets or animals expansion pack.

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Zerbu found codes hinting towards pets in The Sims 4

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